August 6th being the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan, 1945, many of us get tired of defending the United States for being the first nation in the world to do such a thing. Make no mistake about it; Japan or Germany would have been the first to use the atomic bomb on us, if we hadn’t beaten them to it.

Germany discovered nuclear fission in the 1930s. Yoshio Nishima, (who later became Japan’s leading scientist), studied in the laboratory of Niels Bohr in Copenhagen, learned how to build a cyclotron in 1937.

Ryokichi Sagana, studied under Lawrence at the University of California at Berkeley, arranged in 1937 for 200 ton, 60 inch magnet for a cyclotron in Japan.

Tetu Hirosiege, author of a social history of science published in 1973, states that in September 1940 Japanese scientists were ordered to develop atomic weapons for military use. This was more than a year before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor 7 December 1941.


The Japanese magazine Dai-horin published an article in 1953 stating the driving force in 1940 behind the development of atomic weapons were the Emperor’s two sons. The bulk of the research was carried on at Riken laboratories.

Germany ordered heavy water production at the Vemork facility in occupied Norway, the Allies Knew that it was for atomic research. This hastened the Manhattan Project, which built the first atomic bomb and the destruction of the Vemork heavy water facility by the Allies.

In 1942 a large facility and second cyclotron was built in Kyoto Japan but it all came to and end in April 1945 for saturation bombing destroyed the buildings housing the apparatus, but not the cyclotrons. It was then too late and it would take some time to build another facility to assemble another atomic weapon.

Japan’s delays and refusal to accept allied surrender terms surely was another factor in our decision to drop the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima 6 August 1945.

Had the Japanese proceeded faster and the buildings escaped destruction from allied bombings, they would have built an atomic bomb to use on the United States, for that was their objective.

Knowing this I plead with those who think otherwise to open their minds and let the facts speak the truth.

Remember you might not even be here if the United States hadn’t prevailed and they dropped the first atomic bomb in the world on us.


(Reference: Article by Lee Fleming Reese, M. A. and Science volume 199, 13 January, 1978, Distributed by Ranger Publications, Omaha, NE)


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